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Historic Living Apparel / By Harold Johnson III & David Mabry


Incorporated in 2010, Historic Living started as a young brand looking to connect the ideologies of various African cultures and histories with visions of resonating these histories and connections throughout the world. Its founders, Denise, Danielle and David Mabry, coined the idea because they all felt that the new generation of youth lacked adequate understanding of African history and also lacked proper representation in the fashion industry. They shared these ideas with current designers Treviance Orr and Harold Johnson III, and thus Historic Living was born. Historic’s primary goal is to appeal to the fashion community and beyond through designs/ideas original to or in some form influenced by the vast African diaspora (or movement).

Through this connection, Historic Living is educating an entire generation and countless generations that follow. They have designed shirts that illustrate black excellence, black pride and most importantly black entrepreneurship. Historic is a company willing to give back to their respective communities. They are putting forth efforts to start a HBCU College Tour collection, where they are hoping to host art shows and merchandise pop-up shops to raise funds for the art programs at the involved schools. Historic is more than a clothing line, it is a brand that wants to focus on the importance of finacial literacy, empowerment through entrepreneurship, and giving back to the community. Just as people mature, so do businesses. It is Historic’s mission to not only educate the community, but to lead by example.

Here we have a clothing line that is migrating into the realm of economics and community services. Who knows what could be next.


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