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How Teens Can Use Affiliate Marketing / By: Fabricio Guzman

Social media has become a very popular tool amongst teens. Many young entrepreneurs are beginning to use it to their advantage and follow an affiliate marketing strategy to sell their products.. Affiliate marketing is when a merchant has a product they want to sell. The affiliate puts a link on a website and then the customer clicks on that link. In return, the affiliate receives a small commission and the merchant gets a sale. Benefits include potential growth, reduced expenses, and depending on the number of viewers, earning more money. In the realm of promoting various offerings, diverse strategies garner more views, using methods to attract viewers and achieve success. Webster in Authority Hacker explained that approximately 79% of marketers utilize blogging as their main strategy for promoting affiliate offers and 79% incorporate AI-generated content. The average website traffic is 56,673 visitors for affiliate marketers with 78% using SEO for technical optimization (Webster, 2023)

Affiliate marketing can make content feel more relevant to the consumer and increase link popularity. This optimization facilitates recommendations based on users' search history. For example, tools like Google and Bing webmaster enhance discoverability, helping viewers find content easily (Priya, 2018). Clicks in pay-per-click ads on platforms like Google AdWords, Yahoo advertising, and Bing Search also can boost viewership. On the Money marketing intern Shanel Brown explains,”I used social media, like TikTok and Instagram, to promote the products I can offer.” These platforms help Shanel attract more customers, increasing the number of clicks and therefore, boosting her profits. Authority Hacker emphasizes that Facebook is a premier platform since 76% of affiliate marketers use it (Webster, 2023)

Affiliate marketers can achieve substantial annual incomes, reaching six figures by monetizing both display ads and affiliate products (Webster, 2023). Doris Guan, an affiliate marketer, explains how any interest can be used to generate income or benefit from affiliate marketing. Doris shared a hypothetical example,If you possess insights into investment strategies and your peers value your advice, affiliating with finance-related services could be a rewarding choice. Share your knowledge through informative content and valuable insights, building credibility within this space."

Affiliate marketing could serve as a great opportunity for people to explore, especially for young adults who have an interest in using these tools to help market their business, products, or services. It not only will help you make a little money, but also give you more marketing and entrepreneurship experience that can help expand your business and make it succeed. 

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