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OTM has 26 interns across 14 different schools in the Chicagoland area. 



Karis Kelly

President, Fall Semester

Karis Kelly, an IBDP Senior at Taft High School, is the Co-President and in the  Supply Chain Department of OTM. She became an OTM intern in Fall 2020. She plans to pursue a career in medicine and plans to major in biochemistry and criminology. She combines her passion for financial literacy and medicine in her articles. Outside of OTM, Karis runs her own organization, Youth Medicine Today, and is the Magazine Editor in Chief at Teen Health 101. 

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Fathima Shaikh

President, Spring Semester

Fathima Shaikh is an ambitious, hard-working, young author located in the West side of Chicago who started On The Money as a freshman in the spring of 2020. She is currently attending Walter Payton College Prep High school and will be graduating in 2023. She is interested in pursuing further studies in the business field or medical field. The first article Fathima has written incorporates topics such as health and finance.


Vidhi Piparia

Vice President, Fall Semester

Vidhi Piparia is a senior at Walter Payton College Prep. Her interest in economics stems from her curiosity to understand her vastly different elementary and high school experiences due to the structure of funding in the education system. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, exploring the city, and cultural learning.


Vivian Kaleta

Vice President, Spring Semester

Vivian Kaleta is a junior at Walter Payton College Prep and resides in the near North side of Chicago. She joined OTM in Fall 2021 as she is interested in economics and journalism. Outside of OTM, Vivian is a copy-editor for her school's newspaper, participates in MUN, plays the piano and plays volleyball. Vivian is excited to help the spread in financial literacy among young people in Chicago.


Miles Reeves


Miles Reeves is a senior at Walter Payton from the Near South Side neighborhood of Chicago. He is an On the Money writing intern interested in reporting on the stock market, cryptocurrency, and personal finance. Miles is on his school’s Economics and Investment Team where he partakes in economic competitions and also helps manage his school’s Student Investment Portfolio. In addition, he enjoys playing, working for the Nordson Green Earth Foundation, and track cycling. 


Hailan Yu

Assistant Secretary

Hailan Yu is a junior studying at Walter Payton College Prep reigning from the Near South Side of Chicago. Her academic interests include STEM and economics. She joined OTM with the goal of developing financial literature and knowledge of the business world among students. In the future, she plans to further her studies in college by studying economics and engineering. In addition to writing for OTM, she enjoys playing volleyball.



Tess Buchsbaum


Tess Buchsbaum is a senior at Lane Tech High School. She just started OTM in 2022 in the Entrepreneurship Intern track. She plays competitive ice hockey and hopes to get committed to college. Her other hobbies include reading, drawing, and writing. She is interested in furthering her knowledge of economics and financial inequality during this internship.


Riona Duncan

Riona is a senior at Walter Payton who lives in Chicago’s McKinley Park neighborhood. She discovered OTM through an announcement at her school, and had her article selected to be published in the Spring 2021 OTM writing competition. She especially likes writing about the environment, and wants to be a technical writer someday. Riona’s activities include playing scholastic bowl, serving on the board of the Illinois Junior Classical League, and occasionally writing poetry.


Umar Sheikh


Umar Sheikh is a high school freshman currently living in Chicago's West Town. He is interested in pursuing a career in computer science and business. Umar joined OTM at the beginning of 2022 after hearing about it through his teachers. He is attending Walter Payton College Prep High School and will graduate in 2025. He is a member of his schools Math, Cross Country, and Science Olympiad team.



Maggie Tsyganova

Maggie Tsyganova is is a senior at Walter Payton College Prep High School in Chicago where she is Co-Captain of the Chess Team and on the school Economics and Investment Team. After writing an article for the OTM 2021 Spring Writing Competition, she joined OTM as an Intern in Fall 2021. Maggie is also the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Queens United Chess, a student-run organization that works to bridge the gender divide in chess by empowering female high school leaders. She hopes to feed her entrepreneurial spirit by exploring careers in business and finance, and enjoys playing badminton and studying foreign languages in her free time.

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