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Clothing Line / By Jashon Rainey


Did you know “Over the past five years, the clothing boutiques industry has declined by -2.0% to a revenue of $21 billion in 2018. In the same time frame, the number of businesses has grown by 1.9%” (Industry Market Research report). This means, the number of fashion boutiques has increased, but the market for fashion boutiques’ clothing has decreased. If you are considering starting a clothing line, it is imperative that you know that the demand for your market is high. To do this, you first must know your market. Your clothing line should be something you appreciate. If you do not wear distressed clothes, you might need to re-think producing them. It is okay if you do not have enough money to hire a team to aid you. If this is the case, find devoted volunteers to help you. With this in mind, you must decide if you want to design or construct clothing. Designers produce the visual for the product, while constructors produce the physical portion of the product. Lastly, set prices based on the supply and demand.


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