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On the Money Magazine (OTM) is a by teens for teens publication founded in 2007. OTM's mission is to increase entrepreneurship education, financial literacy, and the capability of teens through the development of peer-based educational resources, community outreach, and student-written publications. Each semester, high school interns from across the city of Chicago come together to research and publish articles relating to finance and entrepreneurship. 


“Before OTM, I had little to no exposure on what a professional working environment looks like, or what topics such as financial literacy were. OTM was able to change that for me and give me the experience to get ahead as a high school student.”

 - Fathima Shaikh, Payton '23 - 

“OTM has helped me develop management skills that guarantee success in the future with whatever projects come my way. While being on the OTM Supply Chain team, I am able to practice collaboration, leadership, and problem-solving. OTM surely has prepared me for my career life.”

 - Vivian Kaleta, Payton '24 - 

“OTM has been a wonderful experience that has provided me a good look into a career in journalism. I can hone my passion for financial literacy and medicine/STEM in my articles. Not only do I improve my writing skills, but also my leadership and communications skills."

 - Karis Kelly, Taft IBDP '23 - 

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