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Steven li

Walter Payton College Prep Class of 2020

Stanford University Class of 2024, Management Science and Engineering


Steven Li is a recent graduate of Walter Payton College Prep and a student at Stanford University studying Management Science & Engineering. Steven first joined On the Money Magazine to promote entrepreneurial endeavors regardless of unconventional backgrounds someone may rise from. In addition, Steven is the lead publishing author of Succeeding in the College Application Journey, featuring a college book guide exploring all steps of the application process while embracing first-generation, people of color, and immigrant backgrounds. The book can be found on Amazon here. Infusing his immigrant and low-income background, Steven hopes to continue inspiring others to start their own careers and passion projects regardless of expertise, qualifications, or background.

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The Barriers of Getting Into College as a Low-Income Student

Summer 2020

For many students, the dream is to enter college. However, for under-resourced families, this is comparatively harder to achieve due to the college admission system in the United States. From high-school transcripts to SAT testing, academic performance is highly impacted by the financial burdens of a student’s upbringing. Learn more about the educational gap reinforced by financials here.

Cracking Down on Greenwashing Capitalism in America

Summer 2020

Eco-Friendly. Zero Waste. Green. The American public is constantly bombarded with these statements. However, how do we know when these are real arguments and policies made? Or are they simply to encourage more sales?

The Secret to College Fly-Ins for High School Seniors

Summer 2020

The infamous senior college season is best known for its countless caffeine-driven extravaganzas featuring supplemental essays, major decision making, insane acceptance rates, and breakdowns over affording college. However, before this application process can even occur, students decide their ideal college, including aspects beyond the school’s academics. Learn how to travel for free to help with this.

The Recycling Business and its Affects on the Economy 

Summer 2020

Recycling is cancelled. Student perspective on the current crashing of the recycling industry due to collateral damage from the U.S. and China trade war.

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