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Will I have Enough Money to continue my Education? / By: Shanel Brown

Have you reached that point in your life where you walked across the stage and received your high school diploma? Look where you are now: Is this where everything ends or begins?  Most young adults look for that grand finale or final pit stop regarding education, and they might want to have an opportunity to go to college. Currently, in 2022, does the average student have enough resources to afford post-secondary education? 

The cost of college has definitely changed over the years. The Education Dates Initiative states Average cost of college in the United States is $35,551 per student [per year]. An in-state student attending a public 4-year institution spends $25,707 for one academic per year(Average Cost of College [2022]: Yearly Tuition + Expenses Melanie Hanson 2022).  The National Center for Education Statistics reported,The average private, nonprofit university student spends a total of $54,501 per academic year, $37,641 of it on tuition and fees (Fast Facts: Tuition costs of colleges and universities 2022).         

 These costs have a lot of students concerned about their careers and what options they have for financial resources to be able to afford tuition. Please don’t let the fear of finances stop you from having your next big adventure in life. There are so many different programs students can apply for based on their income. There are also private donors, scholarships, and philanthropists to help students finance their education. Local unions like to support young people in school.    

Gregory Mason is currently an attorney at law and is an alumnus of Syracuse University. He states “My parents and scholarships have helped me pay for school, it’s best to start this process early.” Mica Saddler, a current college student at Malcolm X Community College, would agree college cost tuition has increased, “Although scholarships and grants are available it doesn't cover all the cost of education. Additionally, I'd advise you to submit your scholarship and grant applications as soon as you can. You could avoid taking out school loans and accruing debt as a result.”  

Do not let money be a deterrent to your education. There are so many great resources and opportunities out there. If you start putting the work in early, your results can be rewarding for a lifetime. 

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