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Who Run the World? Girls! / By Jenny Baeza


This fall I had the exciting opportunity to meet great young female local entrepreneurs at the Girls Entrepreneurship Expo. The event included businesses from entrepreneurs ages 6 to 17 who had products from bakeries to painters to jewelry, etc.

Among the entrepreneurs, there was Camille who blew the crowd away as the youngest entrepreneur at age 6. She is the author of When I Grow Up I Can. Her book includes a variety of different career paths that anyone can choose from. It even comes with flashcards that children can play with. She is currently working on her second book that is soon to be out.

Another young entrepreneur was Aisha Kennard, age 11, who created her own business starting with apparel and later moved on to make up. She was able to create her own fashion line for all different body types. She later found out an easy way to create homemade lip gloss and has plans to move forward with her makeup line. I also had the opportunity to talk to the event coordinator, Deola Gaiter. She loves supporting young entrepreneurs especially women in the field. “This event was thrown to support and empower young women,” commented Deola Gaiter.

Overall, this event was a success. It brought people from the community together for a great cause. The young female entrepreneurs were able to express themselves by starting their own business at a young age. They see their business expanding in the future with the help of their parents and friends.


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