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Uses of Social Media in the Business Industry / By Kassandra Adorno


It could be argued that the majority of people looking for jobs spend most of their time on social media compared to looking in local newspapers. Having companies expand their business on social media is one way they could get more customers. One goal that all companies share is being able to gather more exposure and appeal to a broader audience.

For example, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. have many social media accounts and digital ads for their businesses with the purpose of drawing more attention. The majority of businesses have not been able to expand their impact due to the lack of marketing.

Moreover, those businesses that do get involved with social media have a greater chance of getting noticed. The use of social media can have its advantage because it will help businesses get involved with many additional resources and business partners. For example, Raul Jimenez, who manages the social media for a Martial Arts company stated, “Social media affects my job in many ways. Social media gives me the power to help others to grow their businesses and it also helps me to connect with more people around the world”. Raul’s experience provides proof that investing in social media strategies allows businesses to expand.

Online media gives a new perspective to what his job provides him. “Before my business client got involved with social media, they had way less interaction with their clients and they were not working to their full potential. After their social media involvement, they had more clients because the martial arts academy was actually listening to their clients and to the community”, Jimenez says. Social networking was key to Raul’s business clients because it was able to help them expand their businesses. Public networking comes in many forms, providing information to people in the form of advertisements. Another interviewee, Jessica, explains how her job is to spread the business for lawyers are by using ads. “Promoting your business makes your customers aware of your product or service. The message you send attempts to convince customers that your product or service is right for their needs. It creates a desire for your product”. The social media platform has shown a big change to many businesses that are evolving through society


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