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Top Teen Entrepreneurs You Need to be on the Lookout For / By Amber Anderson


Millennials are often characterized as lazy, arrogant, and always having their face in a phone, but little do people know they may soon be taking over the business world. According to Forbes magazine, “Millennial entrepreneurs have launched about twice as many businesses as [baby] boomers.” According to Harvard Business Review , 70% of teens are self-employed (2017). In the city of Chicago this is evident through not just one, but multiple millenniapreneurs (millennial entrepreneurs) who are on the rise to taking over the city with their businesses.

Kennedy Stewart Kennedy Stewart at Whitney Young Magnet High School is the creator and founder of Kennedy’s Presidential Wigs. She makes custom virgin hair wigs for everyone; for those who want to wear it as a protective style for their natural hair or to experiment with different colors and lengths.

Jordan Lewis Jordan Lewis is a senior at Urban Prep Bronzeville, originator of one of KGO Fest (Kids Going Out) and a local DJ. KGO is an event hosted three times a year. It provides a safe and fun environment for teens to party, and also provides a social platform for upcoming Chicago artists and fashion designers. He puts his talent to use at local high schools dances, parties, special events, and is the musician at his church.

Jendayi Ingram is a current student, dancer, and photographer. She has learned how to combine her two passions, capturing photos of dancers with her ‘Black Ballerina’ project. She wants her viewers to think and take insight away from her work rather than simply looking at her photos.

Amari Love, a senior at King College Prep, is the creator of one of Chicago’s most innovative and upcoming clothing lines, Arbitrary. A self-taught designer, who began creating clothes during her freshman year for friends, not realizing that she had a hidden talent and passion. Recently, she made her mark with her first fashion show ‘From the Scene to the Runway’. Arbitrary represents “a lifestyle derived from self-expression, social liberty, and originality


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