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To Transfer or to Not Transfer? / By: Cindy Chan


Most first-time college students do not know how common transferring to another university is nor about what they should do when they begin their transfer process. If you plan on transferring, here is some helpful information.

Transferring schools is more common than one might expect. The National Student Clearhousing Research Center (NSCRC) conducted a study that followed 852,439 first time college students who began their post-secondary education at a community college in 2010. According to the NSCRC, the transfer-out rate is 31.5% or about 268,749 students. Some students are concerned about graduating on time. According to NSCRC, the transfer-out bachelor’s completion rate is 42.2%. This means of the students who have transferred, roughly 113,413 completed their bachelors degree within six years.

The transfer process can be complicated. Samantha Mei, a rising senior at the University of Illinois who transferred from City Colleges of Chicago, shares a useful tool for the process. She states, “one thing I highly recommend others use and familiarize themselves with is Transferology. It is a super helpful tool because I will know for sure what classes I have to take that will definitely transfer to the university.” Transferology is a free online tool that allows you to see what credits will transfer and what required classes you need to take for your degree. It is essential, especially if you want to graduate on time.

On the other hand, some students transfer because they do not believe their current school is the right fit for them. Jia Liu attended Boston University. Although it was an interesting experience, she preferred to be back at home in Chicago so she transferred to the University of Illinois at Chicago. She says, “it was honestly a lot of work to transfer, but it is worth it. Although I enjoyed my time there, I feel like I belong at home. Being away for college isn’t for everyone.”

Overall, more students are transferring universities. It is becoming more common, however, the transfer process itself can be overwhelming. As a transfer student myself, I do highly recommend using Transferology and encourage others to find the right school for themselves. College is a once in a lifetime experience, and not everyone follows the same path.


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