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The Future of Digital Marketing: 3D printing / By: Fathima Shaikh


When thinking about digital marketing, your mind most likely drifts over to social media. However, 3D printing is becoming increasingly important in digital marketing campaigns. Using 3D printing for promotional marketing gives businesses a cost-effective method of advertising and increases engagement.

3D printing is inexpensive and expected to cause the next "industrial revolution" according to Aric Rindfleish, Jones Professor of Marketing. Rindfleish says that "3D printers... allows for products to be easily created and accessed by anyone with digital tools." Firms are taking advantage of the simplicity and low cost of 3-D printers by creating marketing models for the consumer to get a feel on how the real product would be. Along with being cost-effective, their visual marketing campaigns are boosted as well.

3D printing will be the future of promotional marketing as it allows for people to make and engage with prototypes of the object before they buy it. Big brands such as Coca Cola, Volkswagen, and Uniqlo have used 3D printing marketing campaigns, allowing consumers to interact with cheap promotional products. Promotional Products says that 85% of consumers do business with the advertiser after receiving a promotional product. With 3D printing marketing campaigns, customizability is becoming more of an option. According to Sodexo, 61% of people like having the option of customizability. Because firms are creating engaging marketing content with the utilization of 3D printers, they are in turn increasing interest in their product.

3D printing allows for firms to show the consumer what the product would look like, allows for them to engage, and allows for them to have more of a say in how that product would cater to their needs. Ava McDonald, founder of ZFluence stresses the importance of the improvement of digital marketing; "as a business owner, it's important to keep on top of these things to make sure your business never loses its competitive edge!"


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