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Story Slam / By Jennifer Baeza


On October 11th, 2018, I attended Farther Foundation’s 10th annual “Story Slam.” Farther Foundation provides opportunities for deserving students to travel worldwide and participate in programs where they are immersed in new cultures, develop skills, provide community service, cultivate leadership potential and attain personal growth. Story Slam encourages alumni and professionals to attend the event and donate.

I was able to view presenters such as Nancy Baker, Britt Julious and Jacqueline Baldwin tell their personal stories and share their experiences with the Farther Foundation. “Farther Foundation helps students break free from the constraints of poverty and socio-economic isolation and propels them toward outstanding academic and personal achievement,” comments David Weindling (President of Farther Foundation).

Did you know? 99% of Farther Foundations students go on to college. 95% persist in college. 67% attend colleges with graduation rates higher than 75%. Every year alumni are able to apply to the Go Farther Alumni Network Award which is a grant from $250-$500. This award is given to alumnus that support a charitable project or organization of the alumnus choice. This year the recipient for the award was Dejah Powell. Learn more at


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