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SPRING BREAK: College Budget Edition / By: Jasma Wheeler


It’s the middle of the second semester and the only thing on your mind is buying a ticket for a flight for spring break. Spring break allows college students to recharge their batteries and venture to new places, but it can also break your budget. Here are some booking and planning tips, popular destinations, and ways to save money while on spring break.

Finding deals during the peak spring break season is always tricky, but here are some ways to cut costs:

• Depart on Tuesday instead of Friday

According to Hopper, a company that analyzes billions of flights to help you find the best deals, flying on Friday will cost you 20% more ($168 premium on international trips) than flying on Tuesday.

• Return on Friday instead of Sunday

According to Hopper, returning on Sunday will cost you 10% more ($84 premium on international trips) than returning on Friday.

• Consider All-Inclusive Packages

According to an article titled, “The Financial Benefits of All-Inclusive Resorts” written in U.S. News & World Report known for its publishing of consumer advice, Chris McGinnis, a consumer travel expert said, “When you book a vacation at an all-inclusive resort, nearly everything is paid for in advance, and there is little nickel-and-diming after the fact."

“Look for hotels close to activities you would want to do to limit spending on travel” -Kiara Hardin (Graduate from Western Illinois University)

As a student, our income is limited and after paying for transportation (flights, trains, bus, etc) it’s important to use your money wisely when you are at your spring break location. Here are some ways to make your money stretch as you explore:

• Use your Student Discount

A lot of stores/restaurants give student discounts as long as you have your school ID.

• Use Public Transportation

By taking the train or bus, you can see other landscapes/landmarks, get a better idea of what it feels like to live in that place, and it’s cheaper!

• Look-Up Events that are Budget Friendly

A lot of destinations have free events that can be fun as well.

“Don’t be against trying the free things around the city and use your time there to explore instead of going to super expensive places all of the time (that’s when you make the most valuable experiences).” -Cyan Baker, Vanderbilt University Class of 2020 (Junior)

Being a college student can be stressful and spring break provides the time for mental breaks and new adventures. Take stressing over money off of your list of activities for Spring Break!


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