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Scholarship Hunt / By Sullivan Anderson


According to The College Board, 57% of financial aid college students receive comes from grants and scholarships. However, for many high school seniors, the phrase “scholarship hunt” leaves a bad taste in their mouth. Many students are tired of being declined repeatedly, especially when it seems as if their resources are exhausted. “When a scholarship letter starts with ‘We regret to inform you that…’, it is truly upsetting,” High school senior Kennedy Brown, who has applied to thirty scholarships, told On the Money. “College is a huge investment, so I often find myself thinking about how I am going to attend college with no scholarship money to support me.” How does more than half of the free money students receive come from scholarships, when it seems as if the average student struggles to be granted money?

Two-thirds of college graduates receive gift aid, according to College Raptor. However, many high school students remain uninformed of their options. There are tailored scholarship platforms that can help. Scholly is a scholarship platform that matches you to scholarships based on your academic profile. With over $100 million in scholarship awards won, Scholly can help high school seniors like Kennedy retain hope. Somecollege students also do not realize that they can receive scholarships from their college. Did you know that you can sometimes receive scholarships from your parent’s employer? Check out unique factors that might open scholarship possibilities.

It is easy to think that college will be impossible without a full ride upon your admission. However, many students receive scholarships after enrolling in college. It is important to remember that you have options. “Scholarships are available for students for a wide variety of reasons,” College Kenekts owner Robin Henry told On the Money. “Students need to remember that scholarships provide opportunities to learn and options to build a stronger qualified workforce.” Self advocacy is important throughout the scholarship process. Don’t forget to believe in yourself!


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