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PROJECT DESTINED / By Jeanpierre Lem


Everyone loves free money. One way to win free money in scholarships involves interning with the real estate program, Project Destined. You can win thousands of dollars in scholarships and learn skills such as financial literacy and networking.

Project Destined is an innovative program because it is helping neighborhoods reinvest in themselves by giving the tools needed by students who are striving for a change. Project Destined is seeking juniors and seniors in high school (and some freshmen in college) looking to get first jobs and get into the college of their dreams by adding to their resume and distancing themselves from others. The full-time program is currently in New York and Atlanta with over one hundred students competing for scholarship prizes. The prizes range in the thousands with one major prize each month and smaller prizes weekly. In the spring of 2018 in New York City, C4EIS did a case study which concluded that 90% of students feel they have the network they need to succeed. Jennifer Lopez (People Magazine, 2018) gave a visit to the program in the Bronx and stated,“... By the end of the program, they (students) own a part of a building in their own community in which the profits they make go into their college education.” This is good as the Bureau of Labor Statistics analyzed that real estate jobs are expected to grow 6% by 2026. (11/27/18)

The founders or Project Destined, Fred Greene and Cedric Bobo, worked with Chicago Scholars in 2018 to test the market in Chicago. One of the scholars that took the opportunity, Na’imah John-Charles, said, “I realized it (real estate) is about networking and management,” Mr. Greene stated that “ the Chicago Scholars launch was very successful.” The final results concluded that in 2019 Project Destined is expected to launch in Chicago! For more information, you can go to @ProjectDestined on Instagram to find out when they will come so that you may apply be part of their full-year internship.


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