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Press Night with Kim Products / By Amber Anderson


While Chicago is not as well known as other cities such as New York for their fashion week shows, Kimisha Moxley is striving to put the city on the map. Moxley hosted one of Chicago’s hottest teen fashion shows this fall, ‘Press Night’. Moxley wanted to bring the entire city out in order to display high fashion that is exclusively made by Chicago natives. “Bringing all different types of people out, bussing a fit, was exactly what Chicago needed”, Moxley stated. This show consisted of several upcoming Chicago designers such as Kimisha herself with Kim Products, DeMarcus Johnson with Deemarr, and Sisu all displaying their new lines for the upcoming new season. Press Night wasn’t just another Kim Products Fashion show, but it was the start of what could possibly bring the underground fashion scene in Chicago to the spotlight it deserves.


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