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Meet Michael Savino: M1 Finance / By Jonathan Lee


This fall, On the Money interns were able to hear from entrepreneurs from investing platform: M1 Finance. M1 Finance is a downloadable, free, user friendly app that makes building an investment portfolio simple and convenient. While investment platforms are not new, M1 Finance provides many benefits that make the app beneficial for users. For first time investors, knowing which companies to invest in is often a challenge. M1 seeks to help their users by allowing them to invest in “Pies”: a thematic portfolio that consists of multiple companies and funds, thus diversifying the users’ investments. From the ultra-aggressive to the low risk investor, M1 offers a Pie for everyone. The various thematic Pies allow users to tailor their portfolios towards their individual goals. “I would say our biggest benefit is the level of customization we offer for our users, and our level of guidance,” said Savino, VP of operations. Another feature that makes M1 stand out compared to competitors is M1’s minimum price to invest which is only $100, far lower than most other investment services. The future looks bright for M1 Finance, as Savino envisions the company “being an innovative player in the personal finance space.” The individuals at M1 Finance are entrepreneurs to watch, especially for those interested in finance.

Mike Savino of M1 Fiance speaks to On The Money Interns


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