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Marketing Rules 101 / By Kimberly Brown


In a world of many diverse brands, styles, and creators, it is a constant strategic duel between profits and popularity. Who can survive in an industry of such rigor? High fashion designers use marketing strategies such as social media and urban/street culture to influence, as well as implementing their own techniques to sell dreams and clothes their customers.

Social media platforms have overpowered outdated consumer marketing methods and have managed to become a marvelous strategy for high fashion designers’ benefit. “Gucci has woven e-commerce, social media, digital marketing and the integration of mobile apps into the tapestry of its legacy” (Danziger, Forbes Article, 2018). After conducting interviews, Aerial Yazmine, a fashion designer, has confirmed that social media has undoubtedly been used to reel in consumers. After being asked a series of questions about marketing strategies, Yazmine stated, “...Staying consistent with social. media, posting every day—that’s where a lot of people see me and is a good showcase for my talents.” In addition to the many strategic plans that designers use, high fashion designers note that integrating the influence of urban culture and streetwear to their luxury, high-end product elevated their sales by 5% in 2017. Millennials alone have contributed to 50% of Gucci’s sales, and 65% of Saint Laurent sales.

Another CPS student designer, Lorenzo, admits that he spends about $600 every other month or so on designer brands such as Gucci. Clark states, that “the luxuriousness of the clothing and how up to date designers are in what’s new” keeps him purchasing high end fashion brands. Lastly, a major key in marketing strategy for the fashion industry is the use of a designer’s very own ingenuity. “If the story you’re selling and the dream you’re trying to create doesn’t relate to popular culture and people are at large, your channels are not going to drive growth” (Ian Schatzberg). With that being said, the influence of social media, urban/street culture, and designers have all been strategies implemented to elevate, expand, and expose high fashion brands to the new generation X.


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