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LRNG Digital Badging Summit / By Nia Robinson


This past summer I was able to attend the LRNG Digital Badging Summit where I learned about the future of digital badging. Never heard of badging? You will!

In the future, digital badging will become a popular avenue for awarding many people for online learning. Besides the “Be Payday Ready” and “Be Credit Ready” badges I am familiar with here at On the Money through, an online learning website, there are hundreds of other online badging websites.

So what are digital badges? Digital badges are a way to show that you understand a concept and they are awarded through a series of online modules on a topic. For example, at On the Money, we worked with LRNG to create a “Be Payday Ready” badge where students could learn about how to bank, save, and use direct deposit. Students are quizzed and have to give responses to show their understanding of the concept that they are learning. In the end, if they do well, they earn a “Be Payday Ready” badge that can be used to show employers that they understand how banking, saving, and direct deposit works. It was incredibly fascinating to learn about digital badging from so many people who were passionate about the subject. I would definitely recommend checking out digital badges that you can earn. Check out the new Like A Boss playlist from the Economic Awareness Council at

Nia at LRNG Summit


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