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Keeping Your Business While in College / By Nia Robinson


The post-millennial generation, Generation Z, is full of entrepreneurs. In fact, almost 13% have their own business, and 22% more plan to own a business in the future (eCampus, 2016). It’s clear Generation Z values entrepreneurial spirit: nearly 40% envision that they will create a life-changing invention (“Generation Z: A New Class of Students Arrives,” 2016). However, for all the businesses that Generation Z has started, only a few businesses continue to prosper during college. For those who are wondering how to maintain their own business, this article will provide you with tips to maintain your business during your college years.

First, it is incredibly important to practice time management. You have to prioritize your school, business, and personal life. Ryan Hesslau, the founder of foreverU, started his business at 16 years old. Here are his tips to prioritize his life: “I start each morning writing out my responsibilities for the day – this gives me a blueprint on how I will take on the day ahead.” Next, take advantage of being in college. Hesslau realized that, “You have access to professors that I have requested to be my mentors. You have access to students in need of real world experience. You have access to college professors and alumni in their professions.” So use the resources you have while you are in college.

However, what if your business can’t travel outside of Chicago? Armando Pizano, founder of Bridge Tutoring Program, is facing this challenge. His tutoring program is a city-wide, student-led initiative that tutors Chicago Public School students. He plans on “selecting high school juniors and seniors to help manage this student-run non-profit while the current Board of Directors attend college.” However, Pizano is cautious: “I fear that the organization I started will not be able to sustain itself without me in the picture. I want to make sure the program can endure without my direct participation or guidance.” So, make sure that you leave your business with those who love the mission that you created and your legacy should live on. Combine this advice with the importance of time management and using college resources, and your business should continue to be a success.


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