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Keeping Food Costs Low at College / By Su Mon


It’s hard to save when there are so many things we want. You might not realize it, but the lunch and coffee that we buy every day can add up. A quick way to save is to minimize eating out. “Millennials spend 44% of their food dollars – or $2,921 annually ($56 per week) – on eating out” (Forbes, 2016). You can save food dollars by packing your lunch instead of buying it every day and minimizing the number of times you eat out to one or two times a week instead of daily. You can save that money for college, or for the laptop and books that you need. Kaliah Little, a Money Mentor, is a smart saver who minimizes eating out to save her money for something else. Kaliah says, “I’d rather spend my money on things that are tangible, so it can be more worth it.”

Some people may be hesitant to pack a lunch because it can be a hassle. They might think it’s more convenient to eat out for lunch instead of making one every morning. However, think of the time you spend going to lunch and the time you spend earning the money on eating out. Also, one way to save time and effort is to pack lunch by planning out your meals on a weekly basis. Prepare the dishes for the week and pack it in a container so that you can just grab it and go in the morning.

Today, the convenience of eating out may make it hard to resist. It’s tempting to go to Starbucks when it’s on every corner. “It’s making it harder for them to develop a savings habit” a new study says (USA Today, 2016). Think about sacrificing your morning coffee and afternoon lunch to have more money in your pocket.


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