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Jose Luis Sabau Fernandez - Founder & CEO of ODDIN NOTICIAS / By Carina Peng


Oddin Noticias is a Spanish news company with over 180,000 followers and 500,000 views on social media. Growing up in a small Mexican island of Cozumel, Jose Luis Sabau Fernandez, founder and CEO, has always been a lifelong learner of languages, news, and mathematical concepts. Although Jose had always felt a moral duty to understand the political decisions taken by all countries around the world, he failed to find a compelling method to do so. In fact, the original idea behind Oddin Noticias was to create a discussion forum that would be transmitted live on Facebook every Tuesday. Through filming himself and delivering up-to-date news, Jose not only teaches himself politics but those around him as well. Jose started interviewing his peer entrepreneurs at Launch X summer program at MIT the past summer and has grown to interview numerous Nobel Laureates such as John C. Mather. Through my interview with him, I see Jose as a truly extraordinary and resilient innovator beyond just being a great friend. To Jose, “The difference between wanting and having is doing.” Jose will be attending Stanford University this fall.


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