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Interested in Entrepreneurship? By: Madeline Vicente


After the pandemic there has been an increase of interest in opening a business. “About 60% of teenagers are more interested in someday starting their own business instead of working a traditional job” (Reinicke, 2022). For some, the interest came from their desire of working for themselves rather than working under a corporation. For example Fernando Roque, a senior at MLA, who wishes to open his own lawn care business, states “I don’t want to work to make someone else get more money than what I’m getting paid for.” So if you’re one of those people, or even wanting to open your own business for other reasons, here are some advice if you have doubts.

Planning to start a business, Roque has also wondered other questions that can be a worry for other and newer entrepreneurs. For instance, in a survey research by Junior Achievement and Brian Hamilton Foundation states that at least a fifth of the teens who participated worried that it didn’t fit their personality/skills (JA, 2020). While this is a valid worry about starting a business it should still be considered for many reasons. Kate Vrijmoet, owner of necessary & sufficient coffee, got her idea to start a business for her life mission to be able to contribute to the community. Vrijmoet values good relationships, she suggests teens to “have an ability to build community”. Vrijmoet started her business to build something she thought would be necessary & sufficient for those in the neighborhood.

Starting a business comes with risk, you must gain a tolerance for it.“Nearly a third of teens (29%) said their greatest concern about starting a business is that it's "too risky,"(JA, 2020). There are moments throughout the job where you are going to have to make a choice, if you don’t take risks there might be a failed opportunity that can also affect your business. Without much knowledge on how to run a business, Kate signed herself up for classes . She states “My biggest advice I can give to teen or to anyone is to invest in research.” Learn about the market you plan to work in, learn the market value of your products or services and don’t undervalue yourself. There are also different ways to start a business, so don’t limit yourself thinking there is one right way to do it.


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