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How To Hire The Right Person / By: Cynthia Sholebo

The heart of a business organization is its employees. The importance of a suitable

employee is crucial to the success of a business. Orjuela, a big company owner, advises considering whether or not your prospective hire is someone you would feel comfortable and confident working under..If you don’t feel comfortable working with someone it is likely you will not want that person working for you. Orjuela emphasizes to consider, “If the situation was the other way around, would I be willing to work for this person? If your answer is yes, they would probably make a good employee”.

Many businesses may have great marketing, price, or quality, but a non-suitable/proper employee could ruin the principal of the business. According to the U.S Department of labor, The average cost of a bad hire is up to 30% of the employee’s first-year earnings. Hiring a non-qualified employee could cost the company money. When looking for a person to hire, look to,“…hire someone that you would work for if the roles were reversed”(Plan Bs) which helps create a safe space for employers and employees. .

The CEO of a wholesale company called Davandee Ventures, suggests hiring someone may be easy to do but finding the right person for the job is another different thing. It is easy to find someone to get the job done, but finding someone to get the job done effectively can be difficult.

According to the New York Times, You’ll have a much better sense of your candidate if you get them out from behind a desk and watch how they behave”. Mind you, this does not mean you have to know all your employees personally, it just means that you have to know the morals and values they possess. After interviewing Elizabeth, an employee working at Sam’s Club, she says “from my perspective, I think I enjoy working at Sam’s Club because they found the perfect role that fits who I am and what I love doing which is helping people.”

It is important to seek employees that make the job fun and allow customers to have a memorable experience.



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