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How Media Has Adapted Over Time / By Alexander Shaw


The news is presented in many different ways: television, websites, or even social media. But, as we all know, news wasn’t always one click away or one tap away. Since the creation of the internet, there have been many new ways for news agencies to get their information from one place to another. Because of this, print media is declining. The estimated total of U.S daily newspaper circulation in 2017 was on its highest decline since newspaper began being distributed in the U.S. (

Michael Shea, a world history teacher at Kenwood Academy said, “Because of the way news has changed in our society, it makes information a little more available and creates new opportunities for people to create a living off of.” According to SocialMediaToday, social media has created many jobs for bloggers, app developers, web designers and the list goes on. A digital imagining teacher at Kenwood Academy, Todd Osborne, said “It’s evolution of a society, I think it’s made news and information more accessible which I think is a good thing.”

The way that news is presented in today’s society has adapted with technology and doing so reduced old-fashioned ways of spreading news. Instead, the new wave of news distribution may also offer new jobs in a fruitful, thriving industry.


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