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Finding Scholarships / By Sarah Meerza


As a college student, money is already a huge stressor. Balancing stacks of Ramen Noodles under a computer desk is a sad reality one must face in their college days. But don’t fret, there’s a solution and it’s called scholarships.

Did you know that 46 billion dollars are awarded by the United States in grantas and scholarships each year?

One huge problem with scholarships is that we aren’t well informed about our opportunities. Most students don’t know about amazing scholarship search engines such as Cappex, JLV College Counseling, College Greenlight, CPS Academic Works, and more. These search engines can help students locate a wide variety of scholarships that can be extremely beneficial. These search engines can match you with scholarships based on your interests as well as identify smaller scholarships that add up.

Don’t have a computer? Don’t worry. There is an abundance of on-campus resources that are extremely helpful, such as your guidance counselor. My counselor, Nakia Blanton-Morgan, is in her office all day waiting to transfer her knowledge into the heads of impressionable teens. But unfortunately she says, “We inform a ton of students about our scholarship opportunities, but only 100 out of the 800 seniors come to get more information.” Guidance couselors are there to help, so don’t be nervous about knocking on their door and asking some questions!

Malak Afaneh, received a full ride scholarship to Pomona College in California, but she also had some troubles in regards to scholarships. She was confused and frustrated because she wanted to leave the state but didn’t know if she could afford it. Already working 6 nights a week with mostly A’s on her report card, she turned to her guidance counselor who informed her of Posse scholarships. Months later, she discovered that she had got the scholarship. “I feel like all my hard work is finally paying off,” she says.

Help is at every corner, whether online or at your school. So don’t waste time, go look for some scholarships and help the future you TODAY!


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