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Entrepreneurship / By Jeanpierre Lem


Thinking about being an entrepreneur? There are many ways that teens and even adults are stopped from going after their dream by thinking entrepreneurship is a hard world to break into. The United States is ranked number one in the world for entrepreneurship (GEDI 2018). 62% of billionaires in the U.S. are self made (WealthX January, 2016).

There are tools located in the U.S. to help students become entrepreneurs.

• IncubatorEDU (Entrepreneurship program meant for high school and college students)

• Future Founders (Entrepreneurship program that helps young adults start their own business with the help of their resources and mentors) From these programs you can learn:

• How to come up with a business idea

• The steps it takes to make a business idea into reality

• How to pitch a business idea to investors

Kevin Gillespie, CEO of Smart Leads Lab and other companies, spoke about the best way to get out into the entrepreneurship world. He explained that aspiring entrepreneurs should recognize if there is anything holding them back from achieving their dreams and find out how they can break free from those problems. In terms of finding a mentor, if a name comes up multiple times, do research on them and find out how you can contact them. Kevin launched a video course to teach entrepreneurs what they need to know to start an outreach business at Sam Walder, CEO of Trala, told of his experience.

As he worked in his life as an entrepreneur, he quoted that experience as the adage“when the student is ready the teacher will appear.” This led Sam to learn that not all advice was going to be helpful since some things can be general. What helped him the most was specific advice on what he needed to learn. For more information, go to and to see if you can be part of the programs! For more information on learning the violin, check out!


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