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Are you sure you love your phone? / By: Mardely Reyes


What is something most youth cannot live without? Many high school students would say technology, more specifically, their phone. Students nowadays go home and continue the cycle of technology use after a long day of sitting and looking at a screen. According to Kate Kelland higher screen time has had a negative impact on academic performance.

A study conducted by the University of Cambridge in association with the AAAS found that by adding an hour of screen time to a student’s day resulted in overall “poorer grades at GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) at age 16.” The detrimental decision of spending more time in front of a screen followed students’ academics into high school. A high school student, Yadira Peralta, would agree by stating that screen time has affected her beyond academics and has been carried on into her health; she has visible exhaustion, her posture has become progressively worse, and she commonly stays up late finishing homework.

An overlooked factor is the type of school a student attends. If a student goes to a public school they can use their phones with limited restrictions; however, if they go to a charter school, they cannot use their phones at all throughout the day. When interviewed, Adrian Arana, who now attends a charter school after transferring from a public school, voiced, “Yes, my screen time has changed a lot since I transferred. I used to be on it (his phone) almost the whole day, but now I’m never on it in school.” 

In answering the initial question, students rely heavily on phones outside of school, which has negatively impacted their academics. Despite these challenges, students can use technology to get back on course by planning ahead, challenging themselves, and gaining feedback if willing, states Professor Jacobs and Professor Hyman, who collaboratively made ‘The 15 Habits of Top College Students’. A student’s mentality is a huge factor as it sets the path that will determine the amount of dedication someone puts into their work. Overall, the phone is simply a tool; whether it is used productively or as a distraction is determined by the student’s mentality towards their education and ability to avoid temptation.


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