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America's Immigration Propositions / By Anam Qadri


For many decades now, conflicts regarding immigration have swept through the minds of the U.S. presidents as they tried to figure out how to positively build the country. As new presidents come into office every 4-8 years, it is important for voters to consider what policies a new president would propose. Some candidates proposed an immigration policy that evoked sentiment in the United States that they or others would try to tackle the situation to either prevent or allow illegal immigration.

The new president-elect Donald Trump proposed the idea of taking a stronger stance on the illegal immigrants currently in the U.S. who number approximately 11 million. Some people say Trump does not seem to understand the difficulties coming with legal citizenship and how lengthy it is. Others say banning illegal immigration helps the U.S. become a more civilized and safer country. Victoria Otrubina is a legal immigrant from Russia. With great disbelief, she says, “There are many people who come here seeking refuge and they simply cannot afford to go through the rigorous processes of obtaining the citizenship.” Otrubina’s citizenship took her five years and although she filed legally, she believes, “everyone deserves a place in this country without going through such lengthy procedures.”

Many Americans continue to be divided on the issue, with a Pew survey finding that 42% believe immigrants help the American workforce and 45% say immigrants hurt the American workforce (Pew Research). With hope and desire, both legal and illegal immigrants come to the U.S. to seek a better future. With the long citizenship wait, there comes a delay regarding the acquisition of a visa. A lawyer from the law firm of Minsky Mccormick and Hallager remarked, “If someone wants to travel to the U.S. they should apply for a visa six months in advance and usually need to wait for citizenship. The process of obtaining citizenship and a visa is very grueling but once all the paperwork is in, it is very easy.” (The Blaze)

There are many differing viewpoints regarding immigration situations, but we must look more deeply to consider the impact of immigration policy on current and future U.S. citizens.


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