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Alter Game Made New / By Jenny Baeza


Everyone has a motivation that sets them to complete their goal. For young nineteen-year-old entrepreneur, Adrian Navarro, his main goal is to spread his apparel business around the City of Chicago and see where it takes him.

Adrian Navarro started his business, Alter Game Made New (AGMN), because he has a passion for business. AGMN is based on an experience Adrian had when he was young. Growing up with little money, Adrian would accompany his mother to the laundromat and encountered a wise older lady. This wise lady told Adrian, “Listen here son, God has a plan for you. You’re blessed. You will have an idea everyone will want. And you will be able to take care of your mom and family. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You have a mind like no other”. Those words stood by Adrian until this day. Adrian attends the Saint Xavier University’s Business School of Management and has learned new ways to develop his brand. AGMN is inspired by different role models that many look up to, such as Frida Kahlo, Kanye West, and Chance the Rapper. Adrian choose Frida Kahlo (Latin artist) because his family is mainly made up of women. “Every one of them is strong and uses Frida as encouragement to never give up”, says Adrian. Not only does his merchandise sell fast, but it comes in different colors. It is a unique brand made out of stencils and 2D tools that capture the audience.

So far, AGMN only sells shirts, but Adrian is taking a big step to move from shirts to footwear. Adrian sees his brand growing in years. He is getting multiple orders that help him market his brand. “Honestly, the possibilities are endless. By the summer of 2018, I want my merchandise to be spread around the city”, comments Adrian Navarro. Adrian is a great example of somone setting a goal and achieving it. He strived to achieve starting his own business and now is on the way to success.


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