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Olamide babayeju

Northside College Preparatory High School Class of 2020

University of Southern California, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Bocconi University Class of 2024, Business Administration


Olamide Babayeju is a freshman at the University of Southern California in the fall of 2020. She will be spending the next four years learning about business on three different continents through USC’s World Bachelor in Business Program. Olamide is an ambitious young woman who possesses exceptional writing skills and leadership abilities. She has written articles for On the Money on topics ranging from starting a Roth IRA to the benefits of ESG investing. She also assists OTM with growing their digital presence by creating content for their social media. Ultimately, she strives to make financial literacy more accessible regardless of a person’s economic or social status. In her free time, she can be found listening to music, enjoying a good book, or studying Italian.

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A Rise to Popularity: ESG Investing

Spring 2020

Investing has increased in popularity over the years; apps and online platforms have even been created to make investing more accessible to the general public. With improved accessibility, there has also been a switch in the way people invest.

Saving for Retirement & Roth IRAs

Winter 2020

Remember that lunch you bought last week or your daily morning coffee? Delicious, right? While those purchases provide temporary satisfaction, that money can be put to better use. What if the money you spend could be worth thousands of dollars by the time you retire? Income you invest in a Roth IRA may do that for you.

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