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Entrepreneurship INTERN
Karis Kelly

William Howard Taft High School Class of 2023


Karis Kelly is a sophomore at William Howard Taft High School and resides in the Mayfair neighborhood in Chicago. Karis plans to pursue a career in the medical field. She started as an OTM Intern in the Fall of 2020. Outside of OTM, Karis runs her own organization, Youth Medicine Today, and is the Assistant Marketing Officer for the Junior Economic Club of Chicago. The first article she wrote incorporates pharmacology and economics.

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Insurance Agent

Insurance Coverage for COVID-19 Claims

Spring 2021

Businesses and people alike have been struggling during the pandemic, but how have businesses tried to recoup revenue? Some businesses have been trying to get their commercial insurance to pay for revenue losses and many insurance companies haven’t been paying. In this article, the reason for asking insurance to pay, why they aren’t paying, and whose role it should be to help businesses is covered.

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