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David Maldonado

George Washington High School Class of 2021


David Maldonado is a Senior at George Washington High School and is part of the class of 2021. He was a Catechist at St George Parish and taught their pre-k class for two years. He grew up in the East Side neighborhood of Chicago. David joined On The Money Magazine's roster of young writers in 2021 because of his deep, long-running passion for writing. Along with writing, being an online seller, and playing video games, David also enjoys building things and hopes to become a mechanical engineer.

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Earning for Tomorrow, Today

Spring 2021

The process of deciding what 401k plan to enroll in with your employer can be confusing. Two plans one needs to keep in mind are Roth plans and traditional plans. This article provides a brief overview of these two options you may be presented with when you do enroll in a 401k plan. 

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