Caleb Dunson attends Yale University and grew up in Chicago’s Austin neighborhood. He plans to double major in Computer Science and Ethics, Politics, and Economics. In 2019, Caleb launched the Youth Entrepreneurship League (YEL), a nonprofit that supports young people looking to start and grow their businesses. As CEO, he curates business content, manages the company website (, and writes blogs about entrepreneurship. Caleb joined On The Money in the fall of 2019, during his senior year of high school, to share his entrepreneurial experience with Chicago’s youth. 

Caleb has had his writing featured in the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, and Blavity.

 Former intern | Summer Money Mentor

Caleb dunson

Whitney M Young High School Class of 2020

Yale University Class of 2024, Computer Science and Ethics, Politics, and and Economics

Winter 2020

The Case for Entrepreneurship: Why Not?

"Entrepreneurship is no longer something reserved for the elite or highly educated."

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