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former intern | Summer Money Mentor

Aaron huang

Walter Payton College Prep Class of 2020

Northwestern University Class of 2024


Aaron is a student at Northwestern University and was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. He will be majoring in Health and Human Sciences while hopefully engaging in entrepreneurship on the side. He began working with the Economic Awareness Council in the beginning of 2020, and has now written two articles for On The Money: one is about the importance of advertising, and the other highlights quality customer service as the main component in the success of businesses.

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Caring for Customers

Fall 2020

Want to know how to grow your business in the world we live in today? Learn more about how companies like Wendy's and Zappos built their success through revolutionary methods. 

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You See It Everywhere

Spring 2020

Advertising continues to play a key role in the success of businesses. Learn more about how advertising allowed companies like Coca-Cola to thrive for a long time.

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