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Yasmin Biyashev

Walter Payton College Prep Class of 2022

Yasmine Biyashev.jpg

Yasmine Biyashev is a junior at Walter Payton and grew up in the West Loop neighborhood. She developed an interest in economics as a result of both her STEM and humanities passions and hopes to continue a career in the intersection of those fields. She believes that economics has the ability to create global change, solve social dilemmas, and better ensure equity on a greater scale. Outside of academics, Yasmine loves to read, box, and listen to music in the park.

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Just A Tip: How Teens can Support Restaurant Workers Today

Spring 2021

Restaurant workers in America receive subminimum wage and face one of the largest income disparities between industries. Teens can support restaurant workers financially by utilizing proper tipping methods and patronage habits. 

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