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sujan garapati

Latin School of Chicago Class of 2021


Sujan Garapati is from Lakeview on the north side of Chicago. He is currently a senior at the Latin School. He began working with On the Money in the fall of 2020 to explore his interests in economics, entrepreneurship, and journalism. Outside of the classroom, Sujan enjoys playing tennis, competing on the basketball court, hiking on tough trails, and biking through Chicago. At On the Money, Sujan hopes to provide fellow high schoolers an understanding of macroeconomics and its effect on younger generations.

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Image by Maxim Hopman

Using Your Paycheck Properly: Tips on Handling a Roth IRA Account 

Spring 2021

It’s difficult to know the right thing to do when you get your first paycheck. Spending, investing, saving...there are endless options. Regardless of your choice, it is integral that one of your steps is utilizing part of your income to create a Roth IRA account.

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