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Young Illinois Saves Get Your Money Right Scholarship Winner / By Kaitlyn Coleman


My banking and saving experience, in addition to my financial education, has taught me that in order to save up for the things I want I have to be more flexible and make compromises. Sometmes this means cutting back on items I don’t need to buy very often, such as makeup, shoes, and clothes, in order to save money. I’ve also learned that it is important to read the fine print and to find a bank with a banking account that’s best for you. You also want an account that’s beneficial for your needs and can be as accessible as you need it to be so it’s important to do research and ask the bank teller questions if you’re unsure of anything.

My financial experiences will help me achieve my career goals since I’ve learned how to manage my money and have educated myself on the material I need to know in order to obtain my end goal. Since I want to own my own therapy and wellness center, I know that I have to maintain my credit score so that I can be approved for the loans I may need to achieve this goal while keeping in mind that I have to pay them off in an orderly fashion to avoid accumulating unnecessary debt.

Three tips that I would share with students my age are to do research on banks and the different savings accounts they may offer, to look into checking accounts designed for high school and college students, and to continue educating yourself in financial literacy.


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