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Learn to Invest with Rapunzl and Myles Gage / By Jonathan Lee


Meet Myles Gage, COO and founder of Rapunzl Investments. Myles founded Rapunzl with a group of high school friends when he realized the disparity in financial literacy among their social circles, especially in regards to investing.

While working on Wall Street is the dream of many aspiring adolescents, the nuances of investment banking are not common knowledge among youth. It was from Myles’ goal of bringing the knowledge of investment banking to the average young student that Rapunzl was born.

Gage and his team wanted to create an informative investing platform but a collaborative one as well. The app’s unique ability to friend other users and form groups allows for not only collaboration and feedback, but also competition. The activity feed operates much like Facebook, allowing users to track their friends’ portfolios and consistently updating their personalized feed with their groups’ trades. By adding a competitive element, Rapunzl is able to hook users and keep them engaged with the app. The app’s use of fictitious money further incentivizes those who have little knowledge of investment to venture and explore.

With no risk of loss, anyone who is curious can experience first hand how to invest through Rapunzl. Gage and his team are also committed to helping students, providing scholarship opportunities and cash prizes for the top performing portfolios every week, month, and year. No matter your background in finance or investment, you can learn, trade, and win with Rapunzl.


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