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Financial Aid Resources for Dreamers / By Karmen Rosiles


According to research by the University of California Riverside, over 40% of undocumented immigrants live in poverty, making college seem out of reach; that is not true at all. Financial Resources for undocumented students may seem to be extremely hard to find, especially for those going to college. Contrary to popular belief, undocumented immigrants can have bank accounts. According to the FDIC, only 68% of families are “fully banked." Banking is safe and convenient for students to keep track and store their money while in college. In addition, it is a great way to save for college especially with a savings account that accumulates interest.

Although taking out loans may seem like the only way for undocumented students or dreamers to pay for college, that is not true! There are some private and public universities that treat dreamers and U.S citizen students the same academically and financially! Kelly Rosiles, former data specialist at the Boston Board of Education says, “there are many opportunities available and my biggest advice is to become friendly and personally reach out to your school’s financial aid office."

Luis Ortiz, an undocumented student who will be attending the prestigious Ivy League, University of Pennsylvania on a full ride thanks to QuestBridge, advises dreamers, “Be your own advocate. This means to seek out opportunities that are outside your usual radar. I had to consider that reality that even if I got into college, I would most likely not be able to afford it." Affording college is a tough situation for many so it is vital to apply to scholarships and open a savings account as early as your sophomore year!*


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