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Budgeting / By Martazja Sessom


As young adults we tend to overspend or spend a lot of our money on unnecessary things. The primary things we enjoy spending our money are food and fashion. It is best if we learn how to manage our money for future inquiries instead of spending money like that. According to, “65% of Americans save little to nothing,” which means it’s important to start good habits such as putting some money aside right now rather than when you get older. About 38% of teens in America are already starting to save according to MarketingVOX and Rand Youth Poll.

As a teen, I know from personal experience that it’s pretty hard to save money when all we want to do is spend. I tried a few things myself to see if they really help me save money. I have been saving for over a year and have already saved up $900.

I recently interviewed two of my fellow peers and they had very clever and different ideas. My fellow friend, Renae Brown, says some of the things that have helped her save are using coupons, reusing items, and writing expenses down as she spent. Shocking that it only took her seven months to stay on track; she has saved $900, and she fully recommends using coupons.

Amari Holmes says these techniques have helped him save: having a checking account, shopping at Goodwill, and having more game nights and other fun things at home with friends. He has saved $850.

I know it seems hard at first but anything is possible. I truly hope my article helps influence you to save your money and helps you towards planning your future. This was one of the best thing I ever accomplished over my 4 years of high school, and my goal is to try and inspire others to do so too.


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