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Beauty on a Budget / By: Cyan Baker


Ever sit at home trying to think of ways to lessen the cost of maintaining your hair? Try doing your hair yourself! Here are 6 tips to help you stay beautiful on a budget.

1. Determine your curl pattern.

Determining this is a major key in figuring out what hair products to use. Different curl patterns include: wavy-curly, curly-spirally, curly-kinky, and kinky-coily.

2. Determine which hair products work well with your hair texture.

This will save you a lot of money and time that may have been wasted on buying products that don’t work well with your hair texture.

3. Consult a beautician.

As beautician Kiana Savage stated, “consulting a stylist will not only help you understand your hair texture better, but it will also give you a better understanding of the products available to you and will lessen your search for products good for your hair.” Your stylist knows best.

4. Figure out what style you want to achieve.

YouTube and Google are your best friends when looking for a multitude of styles. YouTubers from Taren916 to Andria Childress to Purely Kaice--they can all help you achieve that ideal style whether it’s a massive jumbo bun or boxer braids or a simple wash ‘n go.

5. Consider protective styles.

Whether you want box braids, micros, crochet, or faux locs, try out different protective styles that will last you for months. Think about it, if you spend $120 on faux locs (including the hair), and your hair lasts 2 months, you spent an average of $15 per week for your hair. That’s not bad compared to spending $45 at the salon every two weeks.


Research before you do anything. It’s the most important thing above everything else stated above because without research it’s all for nothing.


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