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Fathima Shaikh

Walter Payton College Prep Class of 2023


Fathima Shaikh is an ambitious, hard-working, young author located in the West side of Chicago who started On The Money as a freshman in the spring of 2020. She is currently attending Walter Payton College Prep High school and will be graduating in 2023. She is interested in pursuing her further studies in the business field or medical field. The first article Fathima has written incorporates topics such as health and finance.

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Marketing team meeting

The Future of Digital Marketing - China

Spring 2021

Digital marketing is the future of marketing everywhere. China, in particular, has been innovative and creative with their digital marketing techniques and is formulating apps that Western societies are attempting to learn from. Mobile commerce and apps such as WeChat and TikTok have proven to be immensely successful and western countries are just making the move towards them now. 

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