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Morihei Ueshiba

"Economy is the basis of society"

Japanese Martial Artist

Peter Drucker

"The ultimate resource in economic development is people. It is people, not capital or raw materials that develop an economy"

Management Consultant, Educator, Author

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Hanging Sneakers

Sneakers: The Billion Dollar Market

By Jonathan Lee, Fall 2016/Winter 2017

Who knew that reselling sneakers could be converted into huge profits? Today, the resale market of sneakers is a part of a market worth over $1 billion every year.

Image by Christian Wiediger

Amazon & Small Business

By Hannah Levin, Summer 2019

How did Amazon become so successful? Learn more about Amazon’s strategies by clicking on this article. 

Image by Miguel A. Amutio

The Impact of Gentrification

By Nia Robinson, Summer/Spring 2018

Gentrification is the socioeconomic upgrading of a previously low-income neighborhood characterized by the influx of higher socioeconomic status residents and an increase in housing prices.

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