arushi chauhan

Barlett High School Class of 2022


Arushi is from the southwest suburb of Bartlett. She enjoys baking and reading. Her academic focus is on STEM, and she attends Bartlett High School. Arushi became an OTM intern in spring 2020 as a 10th grader. Her graduating class is in 2022. She writes about environmental and energy economics, and one saying she likes is "Save money, and money will save you."

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The Price of Going to Infinity and Beyond

Winter 2020

Why does the government dedicate so much money to space travel? This article explores what the money is spent on and how it impacts the economy.

How to Start Investing in Stocks

Fall 2016

Have you ever wanted to invest in stocks but didn’t know where to start? If you’re 18 or older you may invest on your own, if you’re 17 and younger, you will need a parent or guardian to start an account with you.

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